Client: Horizons National

This national academic enrichment program was looking to update and organize their messaging. After an assessment of all their marketing materials and a review of similar organizations in the country, we created a comprehensive messaging strategy and plan for the short and long term.



As Horizons National grew, their programs were evolving, and they needed cohesive messages to clarify all of their offerings, and a communications plan to reach their audiences effectively.


Red Rooster Group started with a sector landscape review — a competitive analysis of similar organizations and nonprofits. Then, after a thorough review of all existing materials, including their mission statement, website, and other materials, we created a messaging deck, from a series of exercises designed to reveal more about the brand, both now and in the future. We looked at their overall growth plan to account for changes in how they viewed their business, for example a regional expansion model.

Constituent Personas

The organization needed breakthrough thinking to cut through the clutter and create a more compelling story. Instead of using generic language to describe the student base, we created specific student personas to illustrate the demographic to create an emotional engagement. The narrative showed the challenges the student was facing and how the organization helped the student overcome them.

Messaging Deck

Using an iterative process, Red Rooster Group created brand messaging pyramids to guide all aspects of Horizons National’s marketing and outreach. We developed fundamental boilerplate information and text that could populate different aspects of their marketing platform, from website to brochure copy, with one consistent message customized for different audiences.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Outreach

Horizons National’s challenge was similar to that of many organizations: How do you tell your story in a compelling way and reach a broader target audience? After evaluating what they were doing currently, Red Rooster Group created a strategy to improve outward communication. Once the strategy was in place, we developed a 24-month calendar and timeline of communication — mapped out with content lists and team assignments — to give a real-world plan that helped staff communicate effectively, consistently, and on message, with those they wanted to connect with on a deeper level.

Content Strategy and Planning

After researching other educational programs and trends in the sector, and conducting site visits to other summer enrichment programs, our team recommended more than 25 story ideas to support Horizons National’s communication objectives. Based on our understanding of their needs, we suggested stories that would be best for each media, such as video, or website copy, or success stories.

Website Recommendations

As part of the effort to improve Horizons National communications, Red Rooster Group conducted a thorough review of the existing website and made many recommendations for improvement. One significant recommendation was to upgrade the organization’s fundraising / donation page to be more user-friendly, with a clearer message and a suggested donation amount to promote increased giving. We also recommended using testimonials to create a human connection.


As a result of this process, Horizons National has a clear and compelling way to talk about the work the organization does and its messages are more organized. The messaging platform and marketing calendar are powerful tools in implementing near-term and long-term outreach.

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