New Logo, Tagline, and Website

Refreshed Brand Helps Nonprofit Sharpen Its Message and Appeal

Client: Jewish Family Service

Red Rooster Group helped to wake up the brand of this nonprofit organization with a complete overhaul including new messages to describe the agency, a new theme and visual identity, as well as a website, brand presentation, and brochure to improve awareness of its services and to solicit donations.



Like many nonprofit organizations, Jewish Family Service was fully committed to its mission of helping those in need, but had paid less attention to its image and how it communicates what it does to potential clients, volunteers, and donors. The leadership approached Red Rooster Group to create a more unified and cohesive brand for the agency so that the board and staff could more easily explain what the agency does and project a professional look to those who came in contact with the agency. Specifically, the marketing goals were to:

  1. Increase donations. The agency did not have a strong base of support, was not reaching new donors, and was not raising much money online.
  2. Increase awareness of its services at a time of increasing need in the community.
  3. Recruit more volunteers for its various programs.

Competitive Review

To see what other social services were available to people in the counties served by Jewish Family Service, we conducted a Competitive Review. We examined those organizations to see the specific services offered, how clear and compelling those other offerings were, and how the other agencies positioned themselves and their strengths. The overall finding was that while other organizations had similar services, few did a good job in presenting themselves, in claiming a unique role in their community, or showing their impact. This created an opportunity for JFS to stake a leadership role in social services in Northern New Jersey.


Message Development

Through interviews with the staff, we uncovered Jewish Family Service’s strengths and unique attributes. To help people understand the agency and the benefits it brings, we developed language to define the brand in an easy-to-understand way. The tagline, “Here to Help,” reinforces the agency’s full scope of services, its staying power in the community, and personal commitment to helping people regardless of the difficulties they face. The tagline was presented in a graphic way, using the outline shape of the logo to create a connection with JFS.

Mission Statement

We are a robust family service agency for the community that improves the wellness, welfare and life condition of individuals and families in need.

Brand Statement

We keep families and individuals healthy, particularly those who are struggling with life’s challenges, by providing the highest quality, broadest array of counseling, social and mental health services available. We serve every member of the community in every walk of life, financial situation and stage in the life cycle, including all races, religious, socio-economic groups, income levels, ages, and place in life. We provide help our clients’ situations require — from a single consultation to ongoing treatment of a dysfunctional mental health situation.


At every age, at every stage, we are here to help.

Key Messages

1. We are a vital community resource that provides an essential safety net to the region, necessary for maintaining the welfare of people in need in five counties.

2. We provide services in a confidential way that respects individual’s privacy and cultural perspectives.

3. We play a leadership role in the social services sector in Northern New Jersey and have established responsive services such as Rachel Coalition, ElderLink, and the Got Blue Collaborative.

4. We take a community-based approach, empowering local organizations to become more robust in their offerings to their members. We have social workers in eight MetroWest synagogues.

5. We believe that collaboration is a successful strategy for meeting people’s needs, and we partner with other organizations to provide needed services and initiatives.

6. We create public awareness efforts to reach people and provide the help they need.

We are responsive to the changing needs of the community by adapting all aspects of our organization and services.


The Old Logo

The agency’s old logo was cumbersome and lacked sophistication. The tagline, “The Center for Caring,” was not carried out as a theme on the agency’s materials, losing an opportunity to connect with their audiences.

The Logo Design Process

Based on the new messaging, we developed several approaches to the logo design. The objective was to develop a new mark that would identify the agency and encapsulate the essence of its message. Since JFS was not a unique organization, we looked at other Jewish Family Service agencies around the country to establish a baseline for how these agencies presented themselves. We determined that the logo for JFS needed to fit into this landscape but still be distinct. Many of these organizations had logos that were outdated and amateurish, creating the opportunity to set a new standard for the sector with a professional mark.

Initial Logo Concepts

In the first phase, we explored various symbols that evoked a positive, supportive environment. We presented five different designs including interlocking shapes forming a circle with a star in the center, overlapping hearts forming a star or flower, a burst radiating energy, a sun rising over the horizon, and a comforting heart abstractly mimicking embracing hands.


The client thought that the interlocking rings best represented the relationship between the agency and its clients — a circle of support — and thought that the idea of having the Jewish star formed from the negative space in the center was an intriguing way to represent the Jewish values that are at the core of the agency as well as create a more memorable logo.

They wanted the star to be more visible in the logo design with the hearts, so we developed that logo, presenting two other versions with a more visible star, and one with more visible hearts. We also refined the interlocking rings logo by adding more contrast to the colors and adding a soft shadow for depth. In this stage, we explored appropriate type treatments that complemented the icon. In the end, concept one was selected.

Exploring the Jewish Aspect

One of the issues we explored was how to represent the Jewish aspect of the agency since JFS serves people of all beliefs. Our review of logos used by other Jewish Family Service agencies showed that many used Jewish symbols to signify their heritage. To help some members of the board assess this, we presented versions of the logo that emphasized or eliminated the Jewish star. We suggested that the hint of the star in the original logo that we presented was just enough to allow people to discover it for themselves, which would also make the logo more memorable. The client agreed that this was the appropriate solution.

Final Logo Formats

Once the logo was approved, we created versions full-color printing and screen use, 2-color printing for stationery, grayscale for newspaper advertising, and a solid version for screen printing on premium items.

Brand Manual

Maintaining Brand Standards

In order to help JFS staff develop marketing materials that use reinforce the agency’s brand, we developed a Brand Manual. This document shows the key messages, the logo, tagline, organizational colors, typefaces, stationery, and other usage guidelines for easy reference.


Communicating the Agency’s Value to the Community

We developed a brand presentation to help the Jewish Family Service of Metrowest present a professional face to donors and tell its story in a compelling way. The presentation describes what makes JFS unique and how the organization helps clients. It culminates with the line “At every age, at every stage, we are here to help.” The visual look of the presentation relates to the agency’s logo to help people recognize and connect with the organization.


Reaching Clients & Donors

The website focuses on creating awareness of the services, soliciting donations, and appealing to volunteers. The homepage was designed around those three goals with a rotator image dedicated to each area, and pull-down menus to provide easy access to the various services for youth, adults, and seniors. The site also features a calendar of events and a robust donation section providing access to many ways to give. Sidebar features — Find Help, Volunteer, and Donate — are on every page to encourage site visitors to take action.

Donate Page

The custom designed donation section include the ability to give one-time and recurring donations with pre-determined levels as well as a write-in choice on the same page.


Getting the Word Out to Those in Need

To help Jewish Family Service create awareness of its services, we designed this brochure. The brochure is based on their theme, “At every age, at every stage, we are here to help.” It presents the agency’s services across a timeline representing life stages, from birth (adoption) to death (burial services). The format presents the range of the agency’s offerings in a logical way that helps people understand what services are appropriate for them and shows the robust way in which JFS supports people’s well-being throughout their life.


A Solid Foundation to Grow From

The entire brand process and has helped to focus the organization around its strengths and present itself more effectively. The agency’s professional visual look engenders trust and confidence in the agency and helps boost staff pride. The board and staff now have the tools to communicate the agency’s services and value to the community in order to raise more money.

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