At disabilities fairs, most consumers cannot distinguish between organizations.

Brochures all say the same thing…

“We operate programs to provide quality services to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

“We provide high-quality, person centered services, supports and advocacy to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.”

“Our mission is to support family life and community inclusion for children and adults with developmental disabilities who live at home with their families.”

Heaven’s Hands Community Services was saying the same thing too. 

But we changed that.

We asked people what they wanted, and they said…

We asked people what they thought of Heaven’s Hands.

This suggested a theme.

So we wrote new language for them around that theme:

“A trained behavior specialist will develop strategies for addressing the challenging behavior(s) and will train caregiver(s) in the use and implementation of the newly developed behavior management strategies.”
“No matter where you are in your journey, the staff of Heaven’s Hands Community Services will listen to you. We will give you the guidance you need to make the right decisions for your loved one.”
“HHCS seeks to render services and supports in a manner that is effective, efficient and
in keeping with the highest level of quality available.”
“With Heaven’s Hands, you won’t be alone, no matter how challenging the road ahead becomes.”

We created new brochures to connect with people’s needs.

We created a specific brochure to help them recruit qualified staff.

And one to attract businesses to employ people with disabilities.

To help them diversify their funding sources, we created a compelling case for donating to the organization.

To help people access services easily, we created a new website.

 One that’s fully mobile-friendly.

We trained their staff to use their new messages.

And created a brand toolkit to help them stay on point.

What does their Executive Director say?

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