Client: Reflexions Data

Capturing people’s attention in today’s crowded media landscape is difficult. When you are technology firm seeking to attract ad agencies, the bar is even higher. To help Reflexions Data stand out and reach this elusive market, we created an integrated campaign with a unique animal theme that employed print and online tactics.



Reflexions Data provides the programming and technical knowledge to bring complex websites and mobile applications to life. After a decade of working with design firms and business clients, Reflexions was ready to offer its services to discriminating ad agencies. To do so, the agency presence was being expanded from an office in White Plains, NY, to another in Manhattan, and they turned to Red Rooster Group to develop a campaign to position the firm as able partners for the agencies.

Marketing Challenge

To reach this market, we recommended a strategy based on the following premises:

  • Develop a concept that will stand out in the competitive advertising sector.
  • Develop a concept that will reinforce their brand.
  • Use a variety of media channels including print, online, and phone calls.
  • Focus on a smaller audience reached in multiple ways rather than a larger audience reached less often.


Based upon this strategy, the marketing channels included:

  • A printed brochure that was mailed to a small group of ad agencies each week.
  • Follow up calls made to recipients of the brochure.
  • A 4-week banner ad campaign on AgencySpy, a website for the ad agency market.
  • Banner ads in AgencySpy’s Email Newsletter running concurrently with the ads.
  • A landing page on Reflexions Data’s website for responses to the ads.


Our next challenge was to define Reflexions Data’s offerings for the ad agencies. To that end, we developed a series of value propositions, organized them into core message points, and prioritized the top three message points:

  1. We have strong technical expertise on a range of website and application development.
  2. We understand clients’ needs and how to get the job done in the best way.
  3. We are dedicated to accuracy in design and technology.



Our next step was to translate these messages into a compelling creative execution that would appeal to ad agencies. We explored different concepts, ultimately presenting the client with 10 different approaches. Many of these built upon the animal theme that we had used for the previous brochure we had designed for Reflexions Data.

The concept that was selected, “Reflecting Your Inner Animal,” described the way Reflexions Data brings out the best that agencies have to offer by executing their creative visions through websites, mobile apps, and other interactive outlets. The metaphor is useful in showing how Reflexions can partner with agencies to enhance their capabilities behind the scenes, so that the agency is still in control of the client relationship. The theme also has the added benefit of reinforcing the company’s name.

Agency Brochure

We developed a brochure to bring the concept to life. A series of spreads show small animals with more robust versions of themselves. Short headlines describe how creative agencies can benefit from working with Reflexions Data. The copy is kept short so that it could be read easily and to allow the images to predominate.


Ad Campaign

This internet ad campaign on AgencySpy drew on the animal imagery and language from the brochure to create engaging graphics that would attract agencies and invite them to learn more about Reflexions Data.

Landing Page

A landing page was designed for the Reflexions Data website to capitalize on the web traffic generated from their AgencySpy ad campaign. The language and graphics on the landing page provide a continuation of the “unleashing your digital potential” idea explored in the ads, while highlighting core aspects of the company’s services.


The campaign included animated banner ads that ran for two weeks on on AgencySpy, a website for ad agencies, and banner ads in AgencySpy’s email newsletter. Within this short time period, the campaign generated inquiries from this difficult to reach market.

  • “Red Rooster Group has been our go-to team for print and digital marketing. Their team has been instrumental in helping us build our brand and stand out to potential clients. We love the results: consistently creative, unique, and visually impressive.”

    Daniel Leslie
    Daniel Leslie Reflexions Data, Partner
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