Creating a Better World Through Strategy & Design

Our mission is helping you achieve your mission. Nonprofits, businesses, and social enterprises rely on Red Rooster Group for fresh insight to wake up their brands, launch new ventures, introduce new business models, and create systemic change.

Addressing Pressing Problems

Hunger, poverty, illiteracy, climate change, growing economic inequality, the undermining of democracy — society faces massive social, environmental, and political challenges — and the nonprofit sector is poised to tackle these issues.

But it can’t be done with one hand tied behind their backs. Smart leaders recognize that the ability to effect change relies on their ability to communicate their messages in a clear and compelling way in order to galvanize people to action. In today’s media saturated, short attention span environment, having a strong brand is not a luxury — it’s a necessity.

An Agency Built for Your Needs

Red Rooster Group is the agency that helps organizations to develop effective brands, marketing, and outreach campaigns for effecting social change. We are built around your needs. Sitting at the intersection of business acumen and passion for social causes, in-depth experience and real-world flexibility, digital technology and refined craftsmanship, enthusiastic zeal and grounded pragmatism, we are designed to deliver more value to the sector that needs it the most.

An Agency That Cares About Your Success

Our goal is empower nonprofits and social enterprises with the tools they need to build their organizations’ brand, engage their audiences, raise money, and influence policy.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Define your goals, set strategy, and craft your marketing plan
  • Conduct market research to gain insight
  • Craft strong organizational brands, including messaging and visual identity
  • Launch public relations and social media outreach campaigns
  • Create websites, print and digital materials to motivate your audiences

Together, we can create a better world.