Committed to Great Client Experiences

Red Rooster Group is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for our clients by providing responsive service. We have been the trusted marketing partners for countless  organizations and are highly recommended by our clients.

We’re Strategic

“Perfectly Reflective of the Very Core of What We Do

  • Howard Levy showed a stunning ability to grasp quickly but profoundly the essence, the purpose, and the values of our project and to translate those into a logo and slogan that are outstanding, lucid, and perfectly, brilliantly reflective of the very core of what we do in a way that grabs people's attention and draws them in, going straight to their hearts. In the many years of the project's existence, until we met Howard, we had come nowhere near to being able to do that. As if that were not enough, Howard was unfailingly gracious, friendly, accessible, responsible, and breathtakingly efficient.

    Paula Caplan
    Paula Caplan Founder, Listen to a Veteran

“Impressed Us at Every Turn

  • “Howard Levy and the team at Red Rooster Group have impressed us at every turn. Howard provoked us to think deeply about our work and how we wanted to present ourselves to the world. He then researched and analyzed our competition, so that we could see where we fit among New York City nonprofits. Howard's systematic approach, as well as his intrinsic understanding of our values and aspirations, enabled him and his team to hit the ball out of the park on the first try with every single creative aspect, from naming our organization to branding our image to fashioning our website. Working with Howard is like working with a master craftsman who fundamentally knows — and very much loves — what he's doing. From Red Rooster Group's organizational efforts to its creative ones, our experience has been flawless. We are, of course, thrilled with the results.”

    Lisa Wixon MusiCan, Director of Operations

“Create a Miracle

  • “Red Rooster Group has always been able to create a miracle, either by coming up with a clever idea or working on a tight deadline. When I made a career change this year, Red Rooster Group had to come with me.”

    Andrew Sedlock
    Andrew Sedlock Diptyque, Vice President

“Support and Guidance Have Proven Invaluable

  • “Howard’s support and guidance have proven invaluable in transforming our brand. Having outgrown our name after more than 35 years, a couple of years ago our private school underwent the process of a name change, website upgrade, new logo, etc. While that process can prove to be quite formidable, Howard simplified the various steps needed to help us reach our goal. The response has been fantastic and everyone loves the new name and logo. We have received high praise for our updated website and our newsletters — some of our competitors even say the website is the 'gold standard' for private school websites!”

    Viviana Litovsky
    Viviana Litovsky Westbridge Academy, Executive Director

We’re Creative

“Incredible Work”

  • “We cannot say enough about the incredible work produced by Howard Levy and the Red Rooster Group! From the professional services to the thoughtful approach to design work and creative concepts, the Red Rooster Group has helped us translate our big thinking into eye-catching designs relevant for the populations we serve. At this risk of gushing, we just could not do our work without them. We consider the Red Rooster Group to be a valuable partner in our efforts to help low-income individuals become financially self-sufficient.”

    Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez Seedco, Senior Manager for Program Dev. & Technical Assistance

“Consistently Creative”

  • “Red Rooster Group has been our go-to team for print and digital marketing. Their team has been instrumental in helping us build our brand and stand out to potential clients. We love the results: consistently creative, unique, and visually impressive.”

    Daniel Leslie
    Daniel Leslie Reflexions Data, Partner

“Exceeding All Expectations”

  • “Red Rooster Group turned our marketing dreams into reality! We wanted to create a magazine that represented our vast and varied charity organization, and our goals quickly became one and the same. In true 'marathon' fashion, the finished product exceeded all expectations — no one can stop talking about it! We look forward to working with Red Rooster for many more issues and years to come. Thank you!”

    Rachel Hazan
    Rachel Hazan The Source, Editor

“These Pieces Are Fantastic”

  • “I think these pieces are fantastic. You really captured the energy of the games while still blending our branding look. It’s really a wonderful job. I LOVE the folder. The folder and inserts really make a statement. Great job. And thanks for the quick turnaround.”

    Cynthia Blustein
    Cynthia Blustein JCC of Mid-Westchester, Director of Marketing & Communications

“Capturing the Vision That We Had”

  • “Red Rooster Group did a great job in capturing the vision that we had for our first-ever organizational brochure. The team quickly grasped the essence of our brand and translated it to a striking design that aligns with the tone and intent of our mission. They also worked on a tight timeline and provided strategic insights along the way that made for a great end product. It was a pleasure working with Howard.”

    Anusha Alikhan
    Anusha Alikhan National Parkinson Foundation, Marketing Manager

“It Will be a Real Winner

  • “The book design looks wonderful. I am very excited about it and think it will be a real winner. [It was named a top Ten Book of the Year by Publishers’ Weekly.]”

    Terry Kaye
    Terry Kaye Behrman House, Educational Director

“Produced Something Even Better Than I Imagined

  • “Working with the Red Rooster Group team has been great. They take our vision of what we want our materials to look like and produced something even better than I imagined. They are consistent with keeping the style of our products cohesive so our camp materials can be recognized easily. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and do a wonderful job. Howard has helped us a great deal organizing our goals and plans for the Alumni Association as well. I love all the help and work Moheeta has done with our insane amount of Facebook groups! Organizing them and switching them over to pages. It’s such a huge help.”

    Ainslie Seeber
    Ainslie Seeber Incarnation Camp, Development Associate

“Very Impressed with the Firm’s Creativity.”

  • “Red Rooster Group created a very effective preliminary case statement for one of our nonprofit clients. I was very impressed with the firm’s creativity in both the writing and the graphics. Two of the people working on the project with us — one a well-known fundraising guru and the other a noted communications executive — seconded my assessment! Howard really listened to our needs and worked with us to create a polished product. He not only finished the project early, but went beyond what we asked for in completing the assignment.”

    Susan Lasker Dankoff
    Susan Lasker Dankoff Aspire Nonprofit Partners, Founding Partner

We’re Responsive

“Has Gone Above and Beyond

  • “Red Rooster Group has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has helped elevate Governance Matters to a new level of professionalism with our marketing. We are thrilled with the results and have been receiving a very enthusiastic response from our members.”

    Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson President, Governance Matters

“Howard and His Team Over-delivered

  • Red Rooster Group helped us completely rethink our website from the bottom up. They revamped our website to being through the eyes of the people we serve, making it much easier for them to access services. Throughout the process, Howard and his team over-delivered, going above and beyond what was in our Agreement. They created a sophisticated system for managing our events, they wrote copy for the website with the right tone to reflect our brand, they created collages to engage our visitors, and developed an illustrated timeline for our history. Throughout the process, they were very professional, and persistent in following up on all details that led to a terrific website. As a result, we are in much stronger position to be resource for people, raise our profile, and gather donations.

    Deb Howard
    Deb Howard Former Executive Director, IMPACCT Brooklyn

“Red Rooster Group Always Goes the Extra Mile

  • “Red Rooster Group always goes the extra mile, making deadlines that others would not. Their designs for Governance Matters were always on the mark. We have strict brand guidelines and yet Red Rooster Group always manages to make things look fresh and, most importantly, they really break through the clutter. It’s a pleasure working with Howard.”

    Geri Stengel
    Geri Stengel Governance Matters, Vice Chair

“Made Life so Much Easier for Us

  • “I had an excellent experience working with Red Rooster Group. The project was a bit complicated — we were creating a new program and brand within an existing program and brand, and Red Rooster Group immediately understood the challenge and presented creative and practical solutions. Their designs reflected the message and vision of the new program and were highly attractive. All of my colleagues were very impressed with the new material. Their production time was equally as impressive. They turned raw material into finished, polished pieces at a very quick pace, which made life so much easier for us. Working Red Rooster Group felt like they were on our team. They went above and beyond what was asked of them. Howard even reached out to us the day of our big orientation to check if there was anything else he could do to, essentially, help us succeed. I would work with Red Rooster Group again in a heartbeat.”

    Abby Pitkowsky
    Abby Pitkowsky The Jewish Education Project, Westchester Regional Coordinator & Director of Jewish Teen Learning Initiative

“Is a Pleasure to Work With

  • “The branding work which Red Rooster Group completed for us led to fresh up-to-date look. Their designs were also expanded into eye-catching promotion for our events. Red Rooster Group is a pleasure to work with. They really listen to my concerns regarding goals, publicity issues, and budgetary concerns. I highly recommend Howard Levy and Red Rooster Group.”

    Lisa Syron
    Lisa Syron Student Advocacy, Executive Director

“Creativity, Compatibility, and Integrity: The Perfect Teammate

  • “It has been my pleasure to work with Howard and Red Rooster Group on several occasions. As a virtual agency, I am very discriminating about vendors I select to work on projects with my valued clients, so creativity, compatibility, and integrity are essential. On a recent very comprehensive project for ReelzChannel, Howard was the perfect teammate, taking our concept to the WOW level with fun design ideas and exacting attention to detail to help our “Cheap Date Kit” mailer come off perfectly. He is also a go-to source for pro social and eco-conscious clients. Thanks, Howard!”

    E.B. Moss
    E.B. Moss Moss Appeal, Owner

“Committed to Excellence

  • “From start to finish, Red Rooster Group was committed to excellence. They created a website that exemplifies Grafton’s core values and that is a valuable resource for our customers. Red Rooster Group responded quickly to questions and needs, provided valuable suggestions to meet Grafton’s high standards, and were knowledgeable and professional in their interactions with us.”

    Shweta Adyanthaya
    Shweta Adyanthaya Director of Communications, Grafton

We’re Effective

“Have Blown Me Away

  • “Red Rooster Group’s creativity, inventiveness, and commitment to helping my agency further our goals have blown me away. I have hired Red Rooster Group numerous times to help us conceptualize and execute a number of projects. Each time, they have brought the project to a higher level than I could have imagined. I highly recommend Red Rooster Group for any nonprofit’s design, marketing or branding needs and would be happy to serve as a reference!”

    Rebecca Sadlower
    Rebecca Sadlower The Jewish Education Project, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications

“Unanimous Praise from the Board

  • “Congratulations on the unanimous praise from the Board for the logo/tagline and color palette. All of your hard work and diligent efforts paid off and I must agree that it looks terrific!”

    Jill Gold
    Jill Gold Friends of Karen, Communications Coordinator

“ Look Out for Our Interests

  • “We’ve been working with Red Rooster Group for six years and they have consistently delivered for us. From their strategic thinking about our issues to creative details, they have helped us build our brand. They get the big picture and look out for our interests. Red Rooster Group really is much more than our design firm. They are an indispensable part of our business.”

    Karin Craig
    Karin Craig Marketing Manager, Nancy Koltes at Home

“Has Made Such a Positive Impact

  • “Howard immediately listened to my needs and my vision, as a small company, and has truly helped turn my dreams into reality! He supports my vision and ensures a brand is created that clearly conveys what I am imagining, and it is a pleasure to work directly with him. I couldn’t be happier or more honored that this prestigious group has made such a positive impact on my future organizational goals!”

    Debbi Ballard
    Debbi Ballard Shema Koleinu, Cantor & Officiant

“Achieved Brand Parity with Our Old Brand”

  • We chose Red Rooster Group to help us develop a brand identity with maximum impact. They were quick to grasp our business and highly respectful of the unique culture and tradition of the Native American communities we serve. Our new name – Partnership With Native Americans – helps donors, the media, and the public understand that we partner with and invest in Native American communities. Having our brand immediately associated with our work and easily found through Internet searches is helping us achieve our mission by connecting us with those interested in Native causes. Within the first six months, our brand awareness achieved parity with our old brand that had been used for 25 years, and it’s continuously growing. We applaud Red Rooster Group for their exceptional guidance on this critical investment.

    Robbi Rice Dietrich President, Partnership with Native Americans