Naming Your Nonprofit

If your organization has been hindered by a name that is confusing or outdated, this session is for you. But changing your organization’s name is not an easy decision or process to undertake. In this session, we’ll explore the considerations to take into account to move your organization to the right decision — whether changing the name or keeping it and putting talk about it to rest.

For those who are seriously considering a new name, it requires more than pulling a name out of a hat. With more than 1.6 million nonprofits registered in the United States, millions of businesses, and countless domain names and social media names in use, it’s not easy developing a name that is suitable and available.

What You’ll Learn

  • How your name ties into your overall brand strategy
  • How you can structure your naming process
  • What kinds of names to consider — from purely descriptive names to more conceptual or made up names
  • How to bring your team and constituents through the process
  • Types of feedback you can get
  • How to legally protect your name
  • How to roll out your new name successfully

This session will give you the insight you need to grapple with your organization’s name change dilemma.

Who Should Attend

Development Directors, Executive Directors, Marketing and Communications Staff, Board Members