Client: Brooklyn Jubilee

Like many small community-based organizations, Brooklyn Jubilee was powered by the passion of its founder to change lives in the neighborhoods in which it works and had not paid attention to its fundraising. Shifts in the organization’s services became the impetus for creating a Case for Support document to show why the organization is worthy of donor support.

Starting from scratch, we crafted an approach around what we called the 4-in-1 service model to help donors understand how Brooklyn Jubilee helps neighbors in need with four services at one time — a community meal that addresses hunger, nutrition counseling, health screenings, and legal advice.

The 12-page brochure makes a compelling case, motivating people to help their fellow Brooklynites, emphasizing the organization’s lean structure and its credibility. The brochure gives board members the tool they need to tell the Jubilee story to prospective donors.

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