Client: Triple Negative Breast Cancer

On Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day, people around the country were asked to host events in their own communities to raise awareness and money for triple negative breast cancer. Using a multi-faceted public relations and outreach campaign, Red Rooster Group was able to generate interest in its cause, getting 100 people to host fundraising events, landing coverage in various media, soliciting official proclamations from 11 states in support of the cause, and generating broadcast coverage through ringing the bell at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.


Event Logo

A clean symbol of a dove made from three parts, each with three arcs reinforces the concept of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Event Microsite

To encourage peer-to-peer fundraising, we updated the organization’s fundraising platform with bold, energetic graphics, and lots of resources to help people host successful events.


We redesigned the emails to be more attention-getting and more personal, with appeals from others in their communities. Each had a clear call to action. These efforts dramatically increased the response rate.



All the emails we designed followed suit, with clear, compelling graphics that reflected the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day brand while warmly welcoming people to the community and making clear the actions people could take.

Social Media

The email graphics we created were adapted to social media for consistency in look and message.

Printed Materials

We developed a range of print materials as part of the overall marketing outreach to support people who were producing local events.

Public Relations

A vigorous public relations outreach campaign to publications, websites, and blogs achieved a wide range of coverage for the organization. As a result, more than 100 events were held around the country, raising more than $200,000 for the organization.

State Proclamations

In addition, to create credibility for the cause, we reached out to state governments to declare March 3 as Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. Eleven states issued proclamations, which we touted on social media to bolster community and awareness in those states.

Opening Bell of the New York Stock Exchange

To gain even more publicity for the organization, we arranged for the client to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. The ceremony was covered on network and cable broadcast news, with the organizational logo featured prominently.


  • CNBC Squawk on the Street
  • CNN American Morning
  • FOX NEWS Your World
  • FOX KTVU Morning News (San Francisco)
  • ABC KXTV News 10 Good Morning (Sacramento)


As a result, more than 100 events were produced around the country, raising $200,000 and greatly increasing awareness of the organization and its cause.

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