How do you help low-income parents pay attention to their young child’s mental health?

You need a message that doesn’t stigmatize, patronize, or scare them off.

A positive message helps parents see the good inside their child despite the frustrations that they might be feeling at the moment.

We also created brochures to reach doctors and other professional who could refer their patients to the clinic.

A coordinated media approach included billboards and transit advertising.

We used a combination of print and digital ads in local newspapers and websites.

AdWords and social media campaigns with the URL drove traffic to a mobile-friendly landing page.

The landing page was integrated as a part of The Jewish Board’s website so that visitors could learn about their full range of services.

Participation in local events such as BayFest was an opportunity to engage people directly.

The 2-month campaign fulfilled the client’s goal of reaching a large number of people in a short period of time.


total people reached


the average intake calls to the counseling center in the first 2 weeks of the campaign

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