Marketing Campaign Raises Awareness of Mental Health Issues for Kids

We developed a comprehensive campaign for The Jewish Board to raise awareness of mental health issues for young kids, and to drive traffic to their Coney Island Counseling Center.

Message & Materials 

The message, ”Bring Out the Smile Inside Your Child” is a friendly way to introduce the complex topic a range of emotional and behavioral conditions without getting clinical or scaring off or patronizing parents. The positive message helps parents see the good inside their child despite the frustrations that they might be feeling at the moment. Posters and flyers were created in English, Spanish, and Russian for neighborhood venues.

We produced separate brochures to appeal to the specific needs of the general public, as well as doctors and professionals who could refer patients to the clinic.

Outdoor Advertising Campaign

We used a coordinated media approach focused around the Coney Island Counseling Center and emanating outward. We targeted 20 bus shelters at key junctions in the vicinity, advertising on the inside and outside of all the buses from the local depot, and booked a 30-foot billboard at the main intersection in Coney Island, Brooklyn in order to generate awareness in the market area.

Print & Digital Campaigns

We used a combination of print and digital ads in local newspapers and websites, as well as paid AdWords and social media campaigns with the custom URL to drive traffic to a mobile-friendly landing page.

Community Outreach

Participation in local events such as BayFest was an opportunity to engage people directly and distribute branded 100 beach balls.



total people reached


the average intake calls to the counseling center in the first 2 weeks of the campaign

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