Client: Heaven’s Hands Community Services

Heaven’s Hands had grown to encompass a full spectrum of services for the developmentally disabled. It needed to tell its story better in order to reach more families and attract new funding. Red Rooster Group developed a brand strategy and message that highlighted the agency’s uniqueness. We developed a new website, created a suite of brochures, and trained staff to  connect with their audience on a deeper level. The result was a shift in the way the agency markets itself and a new standard for marketing services for people with disabilities.

“When I hired Red Rooster Group, I thought we would have a meeting and talk about our mission, vision, and what we wanted, and then a month and a half later, we’d get the product. Instead, you drilled down, asking questions to learn more about all aspects of our services. The process has been time-consuming, but now I understand why. It has resulted in brochures and a website that I’m very proud of — it is really, really good stuff!”

— Lorenzo Brown, Executive Director

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