Client: Incarnation Camp

You might think that the oldest camp in the United States would have a thriving alumni association, but that was not the case. After the long-time camp director passed away, the camp struggled for new leadership. The camp also suffered from problems with their lake. So when a new director was brought on, she focused on enhancing the campgrounds and camper recruitment. After success on that front, the camp was ready to start reaching out to camp alumni and turned to Red Rooster Group to formalize and promote the association.

We developed a magazine to introduce the alumni association. In addition to a welcome letter and information about association, the magazine features updates on various alumni and a longer profile of one as well as response envelope for membership.

Given the fact that the camp did not have a large mailing list for its alumni, and had not done any outreach to alumni previously, it was difficult to anticipate what response we might get. We are delighted to announce that the first issue of the magazine – resulted in more than $7,000 in memberships at all levels, including 2 lifetime members.

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