How does a 112-year-old social service agency increase its visibility to engage participants and donors?

A clear, purposeful message, unified voice and visual look with consistency across all marketing galvanized staff and inspired donors.

UMFS had a cliché mission statement: Touching lives. Creating futures.

We gave them a new one around the theme of unwavering champions for high-risk children and families.

Their materials presented a fragmented look with inconsistent messages:

UMFS Old Materials

We created a cohesive and recognizable visual look with inspiring headlines around their theme that helps UMFS stand out from other social service agencies.

We unified their visual identity so that all divisions have appropriate symbols that connect to the parent organization.

To reflect UMFS’ new messaging we changed the name of their newsletter from Guardian to The Champion and showcased people who are living the organization’s mission.



To communicate the organization’s successes in a compelling way in their Impact Report, we created infographics visualizing accomplishments in five areas corresponding to their values.

We developed a responsive website that appealed to clinicians, parents, and donors. We wrote and designed the website to make it easy for users to understand UMFS’ services and take action, as well as for staff to update.

A benefit-oriented headline, short copy, and unique graphics greet site visitors.

A rollover invites site visitors to explore donation levels.

Information is presented in small increments and reflows when viewed on tablets and phones.

Throughout the site, stylized illustrations contribute to a design that’s both inviting and informative. Pages for each division of the agency thoughtfully address the concerns and challenges faced by each demographic.

A rollover invites site visitors to explore services.

Modular block system makes pages interesting, and can be easily updated by the client.

The History page features a vertical timeline with vintage photos.

The Careers page was designed to attract high-quality staff.

To help UMFS communicate its message to its 300 employees statewide, we created a brand book that illustrates key points in an easy-to-understand way. 

We held brand workshops for key staff and the board to help them understand and embrace the brand messages. The sessions included hands-on activities to create enthusiasm for their brand.

Red Rooster Group staff introduce UMFS’ new messaging.

About 80 key staff attended the workshop. We held a separate session for the board.

To emphasize the message of ”Unwavering Champions,” we created cutouts so people could photograph themselves as champions.

For one activity, participants wrote and performed a song using UMFS’ new messages.

We asked participants to decorate and post a sheet depicting the wall surrounding their campus to demonstrate what’s behind the wall.

A balloon drop helped generate excitement and underscore the importance of the brand initiative.

“You guys really nailed what we are all about.
I really feel I understand our messages, and embrace them.”


The UMFS staff is now living their brand!

“Red Rooster Group captured the social impact and organizational DNA that was a part of our culture. Due to our new mission, we proudly refer to ourselves as unwavering champions for high-risk children and families. Our board and staff have rallied around this bold new message and our donors, customers, and competitors have taken notice.”

UMFS, President & Chief Executive Officer

How’d we do it? Read the full case study describing the process.

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