Wake Up Your Brand


To achieve their missions, nonprofits must get noticed in a very crowded world. This guide describes how to start building your nonprofit’s brand in order to attract more people to your cause, make people aware of your services, and drive fundraising. This guide is a practical tool that can help you lay the foundation for a more effective brand for your organization. It includes real-life examples as well as useful worksheets.

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What Is a Brand?
History of Nonprofit Brands
Benefits of a Strong Brand
The Limits of Branding
How Nonprofits Get Noticed
An Overview of this Book
Is it Time to Rebrand?
Types of Goals

Thinking Strategically
Considerations for Chapters and Affiliates
Assemble Your Committee
Examples of Branding
Establish a Decision-Making Process
Establish a Timeline


Our Goals
For Organizations with Chapters or Affiliates

Our Team
Our Decision-Making Process
Our Branding Plan

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